The Setheum Investment Fund

The "Setheum Investment Fund" is the Setheum version of a Public Investment Fund / Sovereign Wealth Fund. Focused on diversifying Setheum's Economy by investing in other blockchains & cryptocurrencies either in the Setheum Ecosystem or outside the ecosystem.

The SIF invests in blockchains and cryptocurrencies that have market value, long term potential, liquidity and utility.

The SIF will be governed by the Setheum Investment Council of the Setheum Government / Governance Model.

The SIF benefits a lot from the network fee structure in Setheum, check Network Fees for more details.

And the SIF also supports the following beneficiaries annually with it's "Annual Value under Management" (AVM), the list is as follows:

It supports the Setheum Economy with 4% of its AVM (annually)...

  1. 2.5% to the "Charity Fund".

  2. 1% to buy back "DNAR" for burning to support the Setheum Economy.

  3. 0.5% to buy back "DEX Incentive & governance tokens" also for burning to support the DEX Economy.