Incentives & Rewards
Setheum DEX Incentives and Rewards
There are two types of DEX Incentives in Setheum,

DEX Incentives

These incentives are provided as the DEX governance token, the built-in-DEX in Setheum has its own governance body, it's own chamber/council of the governance system in the network. In Setheum Network the token is called "SDEX" (for the SettinDEX) and "HALAL" (for the HalalSwap) in Neom.
LPs earn these unmined tokens as incentives and use them for the governance with the "Exchange Council" - Setheum's semi-autonomous governance chamber.
These tokens are also supported by the SIF and the fee structure of the network, check The SIF and Network Fees for more details.

DEX Rewards

These incentives are similar to the one described above but they are served in all types of Setheum Currencies to the LPs (Liquidity Pools / Providers) of those specific currency pairs.
These Rewards come from all sorts of network support including:
    Network Transaction Fees, check Network Fees for more details.
    SettMint Fees, check SettMint Fees for more details.
    SerpUps, check The SERP for more details.
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