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Inspired by Uniswap V2, Setheum has a built-in Decentralised Exchange that I like to call “SetSwap” (or SetheumSwap). In SetSwap there is what I call the EFE (Exchange Fee Evaluator) that is the first of its kind and unique to Setheum (one of the Setheum originals).
The EFE essentially lets available two types of Exchange fees, one for Tier-2 paired pools (LPs paired with at least one Setheum stablecurrency for example “BTC_SETUSD_LP”), then another fee structure for every other pool that is not a “T2-Paired-LP” on the DEX.
Speaking of which, our user-friendly Mobile Wallet will be available soon where you could access Setheum’s DeFi features with a more beginner-friendly UI.

Exchange Fee Evaluator (EFE)

The EFE structure takes less fees from traders that swap with a “T2-Paired-LP'' than it takes from a “non-T2-Paired-LP'' (i.e. “BTC_DNAR_LP”). The difference between these fees is then paid to the pool by the SERP by issuing the T2-token to the pool to balance out the full Exchange Fee. This lets the traders pay less fees while the Liquidity Providers earn more.
This in turn attracts more traders, more trading volume, more liquidity, more market attractiveness, more trading opportunities and more natural economic growth based on market drive and demand, which in turn props the market value of the Serp and the Dinar and the entire Setheum tokens which in turn improves overall market performance and economic growth.
The initial Exchange Fees are as such, exchange fee is 0.3%, stablecurrency exchange fee is 0.1%, and the EFE (effect/difference) is 0.2%. They can be updated with governance through runtime upgrades.
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