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The Setheum Network White Papers

Looking for the Setheum network's white papers? Here they are!

We see a lot of cryptocurrencies coming up everyday, but what we don’t see is a cryptocurrency that is decentralized, secure, scalable and having the option for price stability at the same time, especially one without debt or having to be centralized by a physical reserve in a corporate bank, and one that is also propadoptable(?what is propadoption? It's basically propping/fostering adoption). Setheum gives us the properties of both Fiat and Crypto with PES (Price Elasticity of Supply) without compromising decentralization or economic stability. ...

In this paper, I will elaborate the Token economics model of the Setheum Network. After going through this paper, the reader will understand the tokens and derivative commons, technicalities and issuance models of the BoE (Blockchain of Everything) Ecosystem, from the Functions of base tokens to the Parachain Auctions / Initial Parachain Offering (IPO), Monetary Regime, Token Symbols and the Initial Liquidity Injection.