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Setheum Network

Digital Gold Dinar: Reserve Asset

The DNAR is the Digital gold of the Setheum Network and the reserve asset of the Setheum stable currencies.


There are two classes of Stablecoins in Setheum, the elastic stablecoins and the multi-collateral elastic stablecoin.

SERP Stablecoins

The elastic stablecoins are backed by the DNAR and are pegged to their various fiat-nominees. There are 35 stablecoins in Setheum, 34 single-fiat-pegged currencies (SettCurrencies) and 1 multi-fiat-pegged currency (SETT).


A liquidity provider can run his/her own liquidity pools after depositing tokens to be used as collateral to open margin positions, and set up their trading parameters such as spread, lot size and leverage ratio that they support, as well as which trading pairs they would like to trade against with the traders.

SettinDEX protocol supports coexistence of multiple liquidity pools, and traders are free to choose which liquidity pool to trade against with. The SettinDEX in Setheum and Neomswap in Neom are designed following the Uniswap 2.0 design technology.

To trade in a liquidity pool, a trader needs to deposit his/her tokens into the pool first. Traders can choose to top up their account anytime.

Check Liquidity for more details.


Setheum's main goal is to prop adoption of cryptocurrencies in day-to-day activities from grocery shopping to ride hailing, paying hospital fees and even paying salaries.

Economic Sovereignty

The Setheum Network will be economically sovereign, DNAR will be decentralized and SETT will also be decentralized unlike most stablecoins in the market. The SettCurrencies(settUSD (JUSD), settJPY (JJPY), et al) will not be backed by fiat in a centralized bank, but will rather be backed by the DNAR. The DNAR will be driven by the market and the technology behind it.

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