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Welcome to the Setheum Wiki Space, the Setheum dictionary for learning, and working on building or maintaining the Setheum Network. The wiki, and the network is in it's early days. Therefore the Wiki is still under development too.
Setheum creates a unique technology and economy feat that makes it the pioneer in it's conception & implementation of Islamic Finance.
Setheum is also built on Substrate, a modular blockchain development framework pioneer in building modular interoperable blockchains. Therefore Setheum Network is an interoperable blockchain network where cross-chain activities can occur with external blockchains even those that are not substrate chains and not connected to the polkadot network.
  • If you want to start building your project to connect to Setheum, see the build section.
  • If you're interested in operating a node, head on over to the maintain section.
  • If you are here to learn, then to the learn section.
  • for some general information, such as communities and white papers, FAQs please check general.
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